Take the Stress out of Finding a Car Using an Auto Broker in Hollywood

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Take the Stress out of Finding a Car Using an Auto Broker in Hollywood

Buying a car can be stressful and challenging, with the dealerships and everyone claiming to have the best deals. The problem is that there is the “salesman talk” with no real substance to what they are saying. Most people become confused by not knowing how to find the right car or something that matches their needs. Instead, they end up purchasing a vehicle they are unhappy with and feel the dealership took advantage of them. The next time, their stress levels climb from the previous experiences and not knowing if they are locating the right car. One way of taking the stress out of the search is to use an auto broker in Hollywood. They visit with you about the vehicle you want and find one that matches your needs. There are specific tactics you must use to locate the right auto broker for you. It simplifies your life and assists you in selecting a car that gives you everything you need now and into the future.

  1. Research

The first thing you need to do is research the kind of car you are looking for, the features, and prices. It gives you a starting point, as to what you need and it helps you to narrow things down. When you contact the broker, you can give them specific information about the year, make, and model to get what you want. 

  1. Types of Auto Brokers

There are different categories of auto brokers, including the individual, dealership, and wholesale.  Individual brokers are customer-centric and focus their operations through a single office with specialized staff. They have usually worked for auto manufacturers or dealerships previously and charge a flat fee for their services. Dealership brokers have a relationship with the dealers and receive a commission from them when they find you a car. Wholesalers are auto club brokers and offer their services to membership organizations in the form of discounts for them such as Costco, Sam’s Club, or AAA. The members receive a substantial discount on their fees for being a part of a particular organization. Knowing the different kinds helps you to find a broker that matches your needs and the type of fees you are willing to pay for locating the vehicle. 

  1. Check Licensing Information

In Florida, all auto brokers must be licensed under the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). They require that they have insurance and post a surety bond before they can begin working with the public. You want to contact the FLHSMV and find out if a broker is licensed and there are any complaints. Another option is to consult with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and see if there are any complaints on file with them. You want to find a broker that is licensed, who can deliver the vehicle you want, without any problems. 

  1. Fee Structure

In general, most brokers will charge you a flat fee when you purchase the car. They make money once they actually sell you the vehicle and it usually varies between $300 and $500. You need to tell them what kind of car you are looking for and if you want to buy or lease it. The broker uses their relationships with the dealers to negotiate the best prices and get you the car you want. The dealership brokers receive a commission when they sell you a car from the dealers in their network. They do not search as much and focus only on those that have an affiliate relationship.  

AutoBroker Finder Can Help You Find Your Dream Car!

The key to taking the stress out of finding your next car is to use an auto broker in Hollywood. They help you to simplify your life and locate the best car that matches what you need. The most important thing in selecting the right one is to do some homework in advance using the above tips. These tactics ensure that everything goes smoothly and gets you what you are looking for with your next vehicle. Once you’re ready to get started on your new car journey in Hollywood, FL, or surrounding areas, reach out to the team here at Auto Broker Finder to see how we can help you!

March 4, 2021
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