Can Auto Broker Finder in Hollywood Really Help You Sell Your Car?

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Can Auto Broker Finder in Hollywood Really Help You Sell Your Car?

Many professionals in the auto broker industry found their way there after working at dealerships…and kind of hating it. The focus at dealerships is almost always maximum sales by trying to get the most out of the customer. The folks at Auto Broker Finder in Hollywood are here because that is not how we want to do business.

At Auto Broker Finder, we want to be your advocate, finding the exact car to suit your needs…or finding the right buyer for your vehicle. Rather than haggle with you, we want to negotiate with the dealerships and private buyers in order to get you the best possible vehicle or, if you are selling, the most possible money.

We have posted a number of blogs regarding the advantages of working with Auto Broker Finder to buy a car, so we wanted to focus this post on the Auto Broker vs Dealer argument regarding *selling* your car.

How Does Selling Thru a Broker Work?

The most important consideration in regards to how Auto Broker Finder secures a buyer for your vehicle is your urgency. How quickly do you need the sale? Because we have a few different options, and your urgency will dictate which direction we go. No matter what, we are determined to get at least three prices from reputable buyers and then present you with the best option.

And also no matter what, we average offers of $500-$5,000 better than trade-ins. We can say that by virtue of history and experience. It is no different than having a real estate agent selling your house verses you putting an ad on Craigslist.

Why do people do it? Convenience, more than anything. It is having someone with direct industry knowledge negotiating with established car buyers, saving you time and getting you more money.

To be frank, most of our clients are just really busy. And when a broker sells their car for them as a dealer, they get a dealer price, not a wholesale price. This can add up to literally thousands of dollars more.

Why do we get more for your vehicle than you would selling on your own? 

We have access to data that is not always available to the public in real time. We get to see what is selling, what the average turnover is currently, pricing, inventory and more. And the broker will be able to offer your buyer access to a warranty, financing, and even trade-in options. It is for these reasons and more that we average thousands of dollars net to our clients after all costs.

Of course, not all car dealerships are focused on doing wrong by their clients. There are many car dealers who are forthright and do exemplary business…and those are the dealers with which we like to negotiate the most. While the industry as a whole has been tarnished by the actions of a few, the key takeaway is that you don’t have to go through the trouble of researching the good dealers from the bad. Our broker will present you with the best options to choose from, ensuring you never have to step foot on a display floor or sit in a small room and haggle with a sales person, their manager, and the dealership’s finance representative.

Securing the buyer you want!

The bottom line is, whether our brokers are looking for a new or used car for you to buy or to help you sell, they leverage the relationships they have developed over many years in the industry so you can benefit from their experience. And by creating a stable of brokers working as a firm, we have buying power. You might sell a vehicle once every 3-5 years. We are making multiple deals every day.

Auto Broker Finder in Hollywood has a network of brokers with years of experience, the knowledge, and the resources required to locate qualified and motivated buyers. Call us today at 954-280-8257 and speak with one of the brokers in our network about what you would like to sell and when you would like to get paid, and then put them to work for you!

December 2, 2020
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